1. Do you replace inspection stickers?

Yes, we take them off the old window and put on the new window.

2. Do you have mobile service?

Yes, to your home or office.  There is no additional charges for us to come to your location. Beware of other companies, they may charge a mobile service fee above the cost of the original quote for the auto glass replacement.

3. Do you bill the insurance co. directly?

Yes, we are a preferred provider on all insurance networks.

4. Do you use OEM glass?

Yes, PPG & Pilkington, Carlite and Mopar are our largest suppliers.

5. Can I drive the car right away?

Yes, usually within one hour after installation.

6. Do you have a disposal fee?

No, There are no charges for us to dispose of your old windshield or any other glass on your vehicle. Other companies often charge a service fee to dispose of the broken glass. You should always ask if they do.

7. Do you offer coupons and other discounts?

Yes, We offer AAA discount of $10.00 Off for all Non-Insurance Claims and Services and a $50.00 Coupon Off your Insurance Deductible.

8. What is the lowest temperature that you will come to my location and work outside?

20 Degrees is the lowest that we come to your location and work on your vehicle outside. We have seen that some companies have a limit of 50 degrees to work on your vehicle outside. The Sika Glue that we utilize has a safe drive away time of 60 minutes at 0 degrees. This means you can drive your car in less than an hour after the installation is complete.