When is the Best Time to Tint Windshields?

Window tinting is a great way to block UV rays and glare. This helps to protect your visibility as the driver and increase the safety of your passengers and the interior of your care. With the right window tint, you can strengthen your windows, enhance the look of your vehicle, and reduce your risk of theft.

Window tinting provides a variety of benefits and is an investment in your vehicle. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, it is best to have your window tint installed during the right time of the year. This can help improve the installation provides to ensure that your investment in your window tint is worthwhile. Continue reading

How to Defog Windows

Morning dew on your windshield is a common thing that many of us notice on our cars. This occurs when the outside and inside temperatures of the vehicle are different. When condensation occurs on the outside the windshield, this is caused when the moist, warm air condenses when it hits your car’s cold window glass. This mainly happens in the morning hours, and in the winter months, you can also experience condensation when you turn on the heater in your vehicle. Continue reading

Reasons to Invest in a Dash Cam

Using a dashboard camera can provide you with a range of benefits. It can help provide you with evidence in the event of a crash and can also help you with your car insurance. Dash cams are reasonably priced, and you can expect to purchase one for around $100.
Many dash cams record hours of video in a continuous loop. The most recent video will replace the older footage once you start your vehicle. You can purchase higher-grade cameras that can even record when your car is off, that are triggered by motion sensors or are equipped with GPS sensors that can overlay the speed, time, and location. Other dash cams offer a two-way video of the road ahead of you and of the passengers inside of your car.

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Car Insurance During COVID-19

As a car owner, you know that car insurance is a vital part of being out on the road and is required for you to own and operate your vehicle. Your car insurance protects you and others from excessive fees in the event that your car is stolen, damaged, or involved in an accident. The cost of your insurance premium will depend on the type of vehicle you drive and the likelihood that you’ll be in an accident.

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How Spring Can Damage your Car’s Paint

After a cold winter, many Pittsburgh residents are looking forward to the warmer temperatures and beautiful blooms that come with the spring season. Unfortunately, spring also brings with it several factors that can damage your car’s paint. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we believe the only way to prevent paint damage is to know what to watch out for. Here is a list of five common enemies of the paint job on your car: Continue reading

What Should I Have in a Winter Car Kit?

Winters in Pittsburgh can be harsh. With heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, and icy roads, it is important to be prepared for an emergency while driving. The last thing you would want to do is get stranded out in the cold, but by preparing a winter car kit with these tips from Three Rivers Auto Glass, you can handle roadside breakdowns while staying safe and warm. Continue reading