What Can I Expect to Pay for Window Tint?

Pricing will depend on the type of window tint you choose and the size of your vehicle. To learn more about pricing, you can contact the team at Three River Auto Glass to learn more about our pricing and any discounts or package deals we may be offering.

What do I Have to do After my Window Tint is Installed?

In most cases, your window tint will take about a week to fully cure, so the only thing you are required to do at this time is to be gentle with the tinted windows and avoid cleaning them for at least the first week or so. After the tint has cured, be sure to avoid sharp or chemically harsh cleaners on your window tint.

How Long Will the Window Tinting Process Take?

The window tinting process does not take very long. The process is mainly a matter of cutting the window film to fit the shape of the windows being tinted and then carefully adhering the film to the inside of the windows. Timing will also depend on the number of windows that are being tinted.

For one window, you can probably stay and wait around for it to be done, but if you plan to have all of your car windows tinted, you will likely want to leave your car with us an return in a few hours to pick up your vehicle.

How Long Will My Car Window Tint Last?

The lifespan of your window tint will depend on the tint material used, the quality of the installation and upkeep process as well as the general wear and tear the tint experiences. With a good set of tints from Three Rivers Auto Glass, you can expect your window tint to last you years, on average, up to 5 years.

How do I Choose the Right Window Tint?

Finding the right window tint will rely heavily on what is allowed in your state. Be sure to check the federal and state regulations for window tints, which mainly regulate the tint percentage or darkness of the tint that is allowed.

What is s Car Window Tint

Window tints are a thin film placed on the inside of car windows that help block out the sun while providing some privacy.