Pittsburgh Window Tinting

Getting your vehicles windows tinted is more about privacy. Privacy is a main reason that consumers opt for this service: others can’t see in, including those pesky criminals! But window tinting also provides you with other benefits, well worth the price!

  • Interior protection: The inside of your vehicle is protected from the sunlight beaming directly onto your vehicle and causing unsightly fading: obviously with window tinting, this problem goes away due to the protection that the darkened windows provides. Plus, your valuables in your vehicle will be well hidden by the tinted windows; thieves will skip your vehicle for another vehicle which they can easily peruse the inside.
  • Protection in an accident: Window tinting makes windows shatterproof. The extra layer of plastic that is added will catch the pieces of glass when your window shatters if you are ever in an accident. This is not something people like to think about beforehand but since you are now aware, it does make a difference in deciding to tint or not.
  • Keeps you cool: Oh, the unbearable summer rays! The dark tint will keep you cool from the hot rays of the sun, helping to prevent that awkward left arm tan, keeping the entire interior cool, and reducing the amount of energy you use to cool your car in the summer, saving you some money!
  • Blocks harmful UV Rays: Some of the types of tints will block 99% of the harmful cancer-causing rays of direct sunlight. These harmful UV rays are one of the leading causes of cancer in the United States and anything that can be done to help in prevention is worth consideration.

As you can see, window tinting is a small investment for such huge returns. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss window tinting for your vehicle!