Paint Protection Pittsburgh

IS it worth getting that extra layer of paint protection on your car? Is your car in need of that “new-car gleam”? A face-lift? Paint protection can protect the exterior of your vehicle and extend the lifetime of your vehicle’s finish, adding onto the value of your vehicle. But really, why spend the money?

Paint protection is a sealant that seals the paint and protects the paint with a plastic seal, leaving it so harsh chemicals and Paint Protection Film Pittsburghscratches will not affect the finish of your vehicle. These sealants have been in use for decades.

Paint protection is applied after any kind of wax is removed from a vehicle. It should only be applied by a professional for a number of reasons. Theses sealants can contain harmful chemicals and safety gear should be worn during application. All harsh chemicals, waxes, and other pollutants must be removed from the top coat of the vehicle before applying the sealant. If these are not removed, the paint protection will break down over time and the incorrect application can cause swirl marks and other blemishes. Let the professionals do their jobs and don’t attempt this at home!

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If you have recently purchased a used car, it is recommended that you add paint protection within the first year to add value to your purchase. This will increase the aesthetic to your vehicle and make your new-to-you vehicle take on a brand new appearance.

It is a worthwhile investment to as a paint protectant to a new car, especially from someone other than the dealer, like us, Three Rivers Auto Glass. Your car will retain its shine, resist scratches and blemishes, and maintain its new look for many more years than without the sealant.