Do I need two different recalibrations?
Your vehicle manufacturer sets the requirements for recalibration, and what you need will depend on the type of technologies that are used in your vehicle’s safety system. Depending on what your manufacturer requires, you will either need a static recalibration, a dynamic recalibration, or both.
How can a check that the recalibration was successful?
After the recalibration is completed, our technician will review the post-calibration report with you, and we will provide you with a copy of this report if you are using your insurance to pay for the service.
How long will my recalibration take?
The length of your recalibration appointment will depend on your vehicle. On average, a static or dynamic recalibration can be completed within 45 minutes to and an hour in addition to the windshield replacement time. If you require both recalibrations, it may take an additional 1.5 hours to complete your appointment.
Is it safe to operate my vehicle without a recalibration?
If you have had your windshield replaced but have not had it recalibrated, you cannot rely on the safety systems that are enabled by the camera system until you have had the system recalibrated.
What types of recalibrations are there?
There are two types of recalibrations, static recalibration, and dynamic recalibration. A static recalibration is performed in a shop where the technician uses visual targets to set up precise distances that the camera will read. Dynamic calibration is performed on the road, requiring the vehicle to be driven on well-marked and well-signed roads. This allows the camera to read the elements of the roadway so the camera can be calibrated.
Why do I need to have an ADAS recalibration done?

Many newer vehicles have front-facing cameras mounted to the windshield to help assist the driver in avoiding collisions and injury. After a windshield replacement, many vehicle manufacturers require these camera systems to be recalibrated. This helps to ensure that the safety systems work correctly and provide the driver with accurate information.

Auto Glass Repair

Can I Drive the Car Right Away?

Yes, usually within one hour after installation.

Do You Bill the Insurance Company Directly?

Yes, we are a preferred provider on all insurance networks.

Do You Have a Disposal Fee?

No, There are no charges for us to dispose of your old windshield or any other glass on your vehicle. Other companies often charge a service fee to dispose of the broken glass. You should always ask if they do.

Do You Have Mobile service?

Yes, to your home or office.  There is no additional charges for us to come to your location. Beware of other companies, they may charge a mobile service fee above the cost of the original quote for the auto glass replacement.

Do You Offer Coupons and Other Discounts?

Yes, We offer AAA discount of $10.00 Off for all Non-Insurance Claims and Services and a $50.00 Coupon Off your Insurance Deductible.

Do you Replace Inspection Stickers?

Yes, we take them off the old window and put on the new window.

Do You Use OEM Glass?

Yes, PPG & Pilkington, Carlite and Mopar are our largest suppliers.

What is the Lowest Temperature That You Will Come to my Location and Work Outside?

20 Degrees is the lowest that we come to your location and work on your vehicle outside. We have seen that some companies have a limit of 50 degrees to work on your vehicle outside. The Sika Glue that we utilize has a safe drive away time of 60 minutes at 0 degrees. This means you can drive your car in less than an hour after the installation is complete.

Window Tinting

How do I Choose the Right Window Tint?

Finding the right window tint will rely heavily on what is allowed in your state. Be sure to check the federal and state regulations for window tints, which mainly regulate the tint percentage or darkness of the tint that is allowed.

How Long Will My Car Window Tint Last?

The lifespan of your window tint will depend on the tint material used, the quality of the installation and upkeep process as well as the general wear and tear the tint experiences. With a good set of tints from Three Rivers Auto Glass, you can expect your window tint to last you years, on average, up to 5 years.

How Long Will the Window Tinting Process Take?

The window tinting process does not take very long. The process is mainly a matter of cutting the window film to fit the shape of the windows being tinted and then carefully adhering the film to the inside of the windows. Timing will also depend on the number of windows that are being tinted.

For one window, you can probably stay and wait around for it to be done, but if you plan to have all of your car windows tinted, you will likely want to leave your car with us an return in a few hours to pick up your vehicle.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Window Tint?

Pricing will depend on the type of window tint you choose and the size of your vehicle. To learn more about pricing, you can contact the team at Three River Auto Glass to learn more about our pricing and any discounts or package deals we may be offering.

What do I Have to do After my Window Tint is Installed?

In most cases, your window tint will take about a week to fully cure, so the only thing you are required to do at this time is to be gentle with the tinted windows and avoid cleaning them for at least the first week or so. After the tint has cured, be sure to avoid sharp or chemically harsh cleaners on your window tint.

What is s Car Window Tint

Window tints are a thin film placed on the inside of car windows that help block out the sun while providing some privacy.