Windshield Repair

Autoglass Replacement and Repair Services

Repairing your windshield or having to replace it, is something no Pittsburgh driver should let slip through the cracks.  A little chip in your windshield can quickly turn into a large crack creating a potentially dangerous yet avoidable situation. When a chip or crack appears, be sure to call Pittsburgh’s own Three Rivers Auto Glass for all your windshield repair or replacement needs. We’re quick, professional, and we make sure that your vehicle will be safe to drive again. We can come to your home or office ready to repair your windshield glass—usually within an hour!

We make windshield repair and auto glass replacement HASSLE FREE!

Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. We work with ALL insurance companies at Three Rivers Auto Glass, so you don’t have to! We’ll take care of the insurance billing and claims. Plus, we offer customer specials for both insurance deductibles and non-insurance claims.

Your windshield protects you and your passengers. Be sure to have it replaced by someone you trust. Contact Three Rivers Auto Glass today. We have seven locations around the Pittsburgh area, so you know we’re always close by.

Our Installation Process


Includes pre-inspection and protecting vulnerable areas from damage during the replacement.

Parts Removal

Includes removal of moldings, wipers, cowl, and trim. Glass installers sometimes bend the cowl back rather than remove it to save time. This results in a poor set of the new windshield.

Pinched Preparation

Includes trimming the old urethane evenly to 1/16 of an inch. This takes time but ensures the new windshield’s quality fit and bond.

Proper Urethane Application

Requires selection and use of primers and urethane systems that fit the existing weather conditions, and time that the vehicle will be out of operation. It is a good idea to ask glass shops to provide documentation of training that their technicians have received in urethane adhesives and auto glass replacement.

Glass Replacement

Can sometimes require two technicians on larger windshields to make sure the windshield is set properly on the first try. There is no room for error when setting the windshield. Poor initial placement almost always leads to compromises in installation quality. We only use top-rated brands because we only provide the best.


Includes providing clear instructions on safe drive-away time. Different adhesive systems have significantly different cure time characteristics. It is a good idea to ask ahead of time how long the vehicle must remain out of operation.

Preventing Windshield Damage

Damaged Car Windshield

Once your windshield is replaced, you’ll want to make sure to take care of it, There are a variety of factors that can cause your windshield to crack or chip. Common causes of windshield cracks include:

Temperature Changes

If your windshield experiences a sudden change in temperature, it can cause the glass to crack under stress. To avoid this, you want to make sure that you park your car in the shade, slowly warm your defroster rather than putting it on full blast, and avoid using hot water to defrost your windshield.

Road Debris

This is one of the most common causes of windshield cracks and is caused by rocks, gravel, loose pavement, and other debris being kicked up from the surface of the road by the tires of the vehicle in front of you with enough force to crack or chip your windshield.
It’s also important to watch for items being hauled in open truck beds. Items such as machinery, tools, furniture, and other items can fall out of the bed of the truck and bounce into your vehicle and windshield. You may not have time to react if they hit debris or lose the items they are hauling, so if you find yourself behind a truck with an uncovered load, try to keep a safe distance or switch lanes if possible.

Poor Installation

If your windshield was not installed properly or didn’t fit your vehicle’s frame, cracks can occur as the windshield becomes loose and poses a serious threat to your safety. You may notice that when you accelerate to a higher speed, the windshield rattles in the frame, which can cause the windshield to crack. The only way to resolve this and prevent damage is to have your windshield repositioned or replaced by a reputable windshield professional.

Car Accidents

As you may already know, there are various parts of your vehicle that are designed to absorb or minimize the impact in the event of your accident. Your windshield is part of this group of parts. For minor collisions, debris may hit the windshield and cause a crack or chip that should be able to be safely repaired.
If you are in a serious collision that causes damage to the structure of your vehicle, your windshield will not only crack but shatter. With tempering and a protective coating, your windshield will not break into sharp pieces that can harm you. If your windshield suffers damage in a serious accident, it will likely need to be replaced.

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