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Remember the time you sat on the hood of your parent’s car, only to hear Dad yell out from the garage, “Get off the hood of your Mother’s car before you scratch it”! While at the time you probably thought he was overreacting, now a car owner yourself, you realize what all the fuss was about. Your car’s windshield may be very resistant to chipping and scratching, but it doesn’t take much to scratch a car’s paint.

Though today’s cars are painted with several coats of automotive-paint, boasting anti-corrosive properties combined with protection from harsh elements like the Sun’s UV-rays, one brush with a shopping cart or your teenager’s jean rivets and a scratch just might appear.Paint Protection Film Pittsburgh

So, what can you do to protect your car’s body from normal wear and tear? Your friendly Pittsburgh paint protection and auto-glass experts at Three Rivers Auto Glass are sharing their secrets on present-day paint-protection film, with a little glimpse into the past.

The Way it Was

Way, way back in the day (okay, we’re only talking the 1980’s, and 90’s here), the front-end car bra could be found on many cars. From luxury vehicles to the average family sedan, car owners had simply had enough of daily debris chipping away at the paint of their vehicles, so they invested in vinyl covers, plastic wind reflectors and mud flaps. While effective, these solutions often distracted and even took away from the beauty of the vehicle. How could you protect a car from nicks and scratches without having to distract from your actual car?

Enter Thermoplastic urethane film

Thermoplastic urethane film has been around for decades now, beginning as helicopter blade protectors. They were first introduced to the automotive-industry for race cars, but the film finally made its way to the public sector. The film worked great, but it was hard for manufacturers and dealers to work with and was limited to only the newest vehicles. It was reinvented several times, making it pliable, thin and workable for aftermarket auto-glass and body shops.

Why Consider Paint-Protection Film

Paint-protection film, in most cases, is a film applied to your vehicle after you’ve already purchased it. Certain manufacturers and dealers of luxury and high-end cars may provide this service before you drive off the lot, but now everyone in Pittsburgh has the option to add paint protection to their vehicle with Three Rivers Auto Glass Paint Protection Services! While your automobile has several layers of a primer, base, and clear-coat, your car is still at risk of chipping and scratching. With Three Rivers Auto Glass’ Paint Protection Services in Pittsburgh, we can help protect your car’s exterior from harsh chemicals and scratches, all while extending the lifetime of your paints original finish. It will also add to your vehicle’s value! Best of all, you can add paint protection a new OR older vehicle!
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