What Makes Improper Windshield Installation Dangerous

The Dangers of Improprt Installation

An automobile’s windshield is perhaps the single most important component of your vehicle in terms of safety. There are several key safety components that your windshield provides, listed below:

Windshield replacement

  • Visibility – Poor visibility can be extremely dangerous in any situation. Dings and scratches that were once small can spread out, creating the need for windshield replacement.

  • Supports the passenger side airbag – Improper windshield installation can cause your windshield to become detached in an accident, hindering the ability of your passenger side’s airbag to deploy.
  • Provides cushioning in the event of an accident – The layer of polyvinyl in a windshield is made to be flexible, cushioning the impact of an accident and preventing you from being thrown from the vehicle. In the event that you require a windshield replacement, it is important to ensure that you are getting a quality product for maximum safety.

Ensuring that you use the right windshield replacement service is crucial to your safety. Some replacement service companies and auto body shops seek to maximize their profits by installing inferior replacement windshield products. Poor quality windshield glass and improperly applied adhesives can create damage to the the windshield and potentially compromise the structural integrity of your car. It is important to find a windshield replacement specialist that utilizes quality products, as well as meeting the latest Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards.

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Denny Toth