Common Holiday Driving Hazards

If you plan to travel this holiday season, it is important to keep yourself and your family safe by avoiding these common holiday driving hazards. The holidays are the season where many people feel rushed, indulge in boozy eggnog, or are distracted by their children in the backseat.

Driving distracted or impaired is always dangerous, but with the added factors of ice, low visibility, and snow, it is even more dangerous to be on the road in December compared to other times of the year. Three Rivers Auto Glass has prepared some of the most dangerous driving hazardous to avoid during the holidays which include:

Road hazardsDriving Impaired

It is no secret that year-end dinner parties, holiday celebrations, and gathering with friends and family will usually involve the consumption of alcohol and, for some, even the use of drugs. There is an increased number of impaired drivers on the road during the holidays, resulting in accidents and, in some cases, loss of life. Be sure to remain alert and aware of other drivers and avoid driving if you have consumed alcohol.

Distracted Drivers

Talking on cell phones, texting friends and family, checking store hours, and looking for directions all commonly done by distracted drivers. Drivers can also be distracted by children or other family members, loud music, etc. With distracted drivers out on the road this holiday, if you need to use your phone, pull over to avoid being distracted and to avoid an accident.

Fatigued Drivers

The holidays bring on an increase in demands and activities.  This can have a major effect on sleep schedules and increases the number of fatigued drivers on the road. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states that people who sleep 6-7 hours a night are twice as likely to be involved in a car accident than those who sleep eight hours or more. People who sleep less than five hours increase their risk of a crash by four to five times. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and, if possible, have another driver you can switch with if you have a long drive to keep a fresh set of eyes on the road.

Drivers Under Pressure

The holidays are a fun time, but for many, it brings about financial pressures as well as the stress of trying to get all the shopping, decorating, and cooking is done in a short span of time. Some drivers react to these stresses by driving aggressively, driving too fast for the weather conditions, and disregarding the safety and needs of others on the road.

Cold Temperatures Causing Your Windshield to Crack? We Can Help!

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