How to Defog Windows

Morning dew on your windshield is a common thing that many of us notice on our cars. This occurs when the outside and inside temperatures of the vehicle are different. When condensation occurs on the outside the windshield, this is caused when the moist, warm air condenses when it hits your car’s cold window glass. This mainly happens in the morning hours, and in the winter months, you can also experience condensation when you turn on the heater in your vehicle.

As you start warming your vehicle, the moisture can start building up on the windows and the windshield. Condensation can happen in different conditions when the inside and outside temperatures are different. There are different defogging methods depending on the cause of the condensation.

Foggy WindshieldDefogging Methods Based on the Cause

Cold Defogging Methods

For colder months, a quick solution for defogging your windows is to lower the inside temperature of your vehicle. A lower temperature inside and outside of the vehicle will help the humidity match. You can either turn on your AC to defrost quickly without heat or roll down your window so the moisture can dissipate. You can also use your defrosters and turn up the heat to defog, but this will take about fifteen minutes. This method works by warming up the glass and adjusting the humidity level.

Defogging for Warmer Months

When it is warmer outside, you will need to use different methods for defrosting your windows and windshield. The most effective way is to get the right match of temperature between the inside and the outside of the vehicle. To do this, you can roll down the window and the heat on low, using the windshield wipers to remove the condensation.

Should You Replace Your Windshield?

Condensation could be a sign that you need to replace your windshield. While condensation is a natural occurrence, it is important to make sure you understand the difference between naturally occurring condensation and damage. Condensation on the outside of the windshield is normal, but if it is occurring on the inside of the vehicle, this could indicate that something is wrong.

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