Protect Your Car Paint from Sun Damage

Protecting your car from the sun is crucial to keeping your car looking great. From your dashboards and seats to your car’s finish and engine are all at risk of sun damage. With the summer months on their way, it is important to take proper measures to protect your car.

Installing Paint Protection Film Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Interior and Exterior

There are a variety of ways you can keep your car’s interior out of the harsh sunlight, including:
  • Installing seat covers– This will protect the fabric or leather while also helping to keep the seats cool. If you have leather seats you don’t want to cover, be sure to use a leather conditioner to avoid cracks.
  • Cleaning dash with a microfiber cloth– Dirt and dust can make tiny scratched on your dashboard, worsening over time. Use a microfiber cloth to frequently clean your dash and consider a low-loss detailing product to further protect the dash and reduce glare.
  • Use a sun protector/visor– To help prevent sun damage and keep your car cool, you can use a windshield sun protector. These visors are easy to unfold and slide into place.
  • Find a spot in the shade– Parking in the shade is one of the easiest ways to protect against sun damage, like drying and cracking.
For your exterior, consider:
  • Waxing your vehicle– Adding a layer of wax to your car’s finish will help protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’s best to wax the car on a regular basis to ensure it is continuously protected.
  • Wash and dry regularly– The sun and heat of the summer can lead your car’s paint fading and cracking. In addition to waxing, you should frequently wash and dry your car to remove the dirt and dust that can lead to micro-scratches and dull finish.
  • Maintain your tires– Hot pavement and underinflated tires are a recipe for a blowout. Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly when the temperature is high.

Paint Protection Film to Prevent Sun Damage

If you are looking for an effective way to protect your car’s finish, then paint protection is for you! When paint protection is applied to your vehicle, it seals your paint and protects it with a plastic seal. In addition to protecting your vehicle’s exterior and helping to extend the life of your vehicle’s finish, paint protection will also give your vehicle a new car gleam. When searching for “paint protection near me,” be sure to choose the experts at Three Rivers Auto Glass.
Don’t let the sun wreck your car’s finish. Call Three Rivers Auto Glass to learn more about our paint protection services.
Denny Toth