When a windshield needs replaced, it is the owner’s natural tendency to choose the lowest priced option. This notion, could end up costing the owner his life! Three Rivers Auto Glass wants you to know the significant impact of a properly replaced windshield vs. one that is not. Our windshield installation service is available to Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

Your windshield is part of the safety features of your vehicle. If it is not installed properly, it could pop out during an accident, causing the roof of the car to cave in on the occupants, crushing them. Furthermore, when the air bags deploy, they may exert so much pressure that they can cause a windshield not installed correctly to blow out.  Serious and scary stuff!

Watch out for untrained technicians and shady places. Do your research! Just because someone is using certified auto-glass does not mean they are trained in the most up to date ways of installation. And, keeping up with training is important as well since the auto industry is constantly changing. The windshield is one of the most important safety features in your vehicle, if not the number one feature, and not a place to cut costs.

In simple terms, the windshield is made of two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl in the middle, keeping the two layers from breaking into millions of shards if there is an accident. The windshield has been designed to keep the occupants in the vehicle and to keep other things out of the vehicle. If the windshield has a long crack that hasn’t been fixed or replaced, it becomes weak and may not hold someone inside the vehicle during an accident. 30% of fatalities in vehicle accidents are due to ejections from vehicles.

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Always ask the windshield repair shop about the auto-glass they are using and if it is original equipment glass. The time it takes to install a new windshield is about an hour but can take longer. When the job is complete, be sure to look for signs that the job was done right: no adhesive showing, the windshield is straight, no dirt/debris on the dashboard. All of these things should lead you to believe it was a shoddy job.

If there is only a crack or ding in your windshield, a good shop should be able to fix this with a polymer injection. This is especially important as soon as you see the crack to prevent further cracking and a future windshield replacement. A crack in your field of vision can cause problems while you are driving.

Call Three Rivers Auto Glass to set up a time to look at your windshield for fast, efficient, and reasonably priced windshield replacement service in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

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