Safe Ways to De-Ice your Windshield

Living in Pittsburgh, you know that de-icing your windshield is a necessary evil every winter. Sometimes when you are rushing out to work or an appointment, your ice scraper is nowhere to be found. Luckily, there are several ways to de-ice your windshield safely without an ice-scraper.

Warm-up Your Vehicle

While this method may not help if you are in a hurry, but your defrost setting is the safest way to remove ice from your windshield. If you remember to start up your vehicle a few minutes prior to leaving, you will be ice-free when you’re ready to leave.

Start your vehicle and turn your defroster on to low or medium. Avoid turning it all the way, as the sudden rise in temperature can have a negative impact on your windshield. Give your vehicle 15 to 20 minutes to completely defrost, using wipers to remove excess condensation.

Defrosting windshield Salt and Water Solution

As you know, your city spread salt to help melt ice, so why not use it on your windshield? Mixing salt and water can get the ice off your windshield quickly. Keep in mind that heavy salt use on your windshield is not recommended because it can cause damage. This is a great method to use sparingly if you are in a bind.

To use salt and water:

  • Mix salt into two cups of room temperature water in a spray bottle.
  • Remove snow buildup before spraying.
  • Spray the solution on the ice.
  • Wait several minutes for the ice to thaw.
  • Finish the job with your windshield wipers.
  • Rubbing Alcohol and Water Solution

This is another method that works great in a pinch. It is important to remember that alcohol will freeze at temperatures below 5°F, so avoid this method on those bitter sub-zero days. To use this method:

  • Use a spray bottle and fill with two parts rubbing alcohol and one part room temperature water.
  • Remove the snow build-up from the windshield.
  • Spray the solution onto the ice.
  • Give the solution one to two minutes to melt the ice.
  • Remove the remaining slush from the windshield using your wipers.

Vinegar and Water Solution

This method will not remove ice, but if you already know your ice scraper is missing, you can use this solution to prevent ice buildup. To make this solution:

  • Fill a spray bottle with three parts apple cider vinegar and one part water.
  • Make sure your windshield is clean, and spray the solution on. This can be done when you arrive at work or in your driveway before you go inside.
  • With its natural acidity, vinegar will work to prevent ice from forming on the windshield.

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Denny Toth