The Differences between Tempered and Laminated Glass

The Differences between Tempered and Laminated Glass

You may be surprised to learn that the glass that’s used to form your car’s windshield is not the same kind of glass used for your side and back windows. Both types of glass are important because they keep your car’s structure stable during an accident while protecting you from debris or projectiles that strike the windows or windshield. Together, the differences in the glass combine to keep a car’s occupants safe.


Tempered Glass. This glassis used in the side and back windows of vehicles.


·        How It’s Made: Tempered glass is created using a chemical treatment that heats and then cools the glass, making it 4 or 5 times stronger than ordinary glass.


·        Why It’s Important: Your car wouldn’t be able to hit a pothole without cracking or breaking if you didn’t have tempered glass. If you’re in an accident or collision, this glass breaks apart in small, dull chunks that are less likely harm the car’s occupants that a regular broken window in your house. It also falls away from the window frame, allowing people to climb out if the car has flipped over or if they need to exit the car through the back window.


Windshield Damage

Laminated Glass. This glass is used in the windshields of all vehicles.



·        How It’s Made: It’s made by sealing in a layer of polyvinyl butyral with 2 solid pieces of glass on each side using heat and pressure.


·        Why It’s Important: The glass has a high impact rating. In an accident, the windshield may crack, but it won’t shatter. If a projectile hits the windshield, the driver and front seat rider will be protected. Since the entire top portion attaches to the roof, it’s an important part of the car’s structure. It also blocks nearly all of the UV rays of the sun, protecting you from sunburn.


Pittsburgh Windshield Repair

Although your windshield is strong, it may still crack at some point. Many cracks are small, but even tiny cracks will grow larger, and your glass will no longer provide 100% of the structural support needed for the roof or the interior. We know that many people will wait until the cracks spread and start blocking their vision, but it’s best to replace a cracked windshield right away.


If you need windshield repair in Pittsburgh, Three Rivers Auto Glass will work with your insurance company (or will handle the process if you choose not to use insurance for a replacement), and we’ll come right to your home or office. We replace all types of windshield glass on all types of cars. Call us today so we can replace your windshield and get you back on the road.

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