Ways to Upgrade Your Car

Rather than running out to buy a new car, you can spend about the cost of a car payment to add on any of the upgrades below. Keep your reliable, low-mileage car and enhance your driving experience with accessories such as a backup camera or window tinting. Pittsburgh’s premier windshield replacement technicians at Three Rivers Auto Glass have put together some of the top car upgrades for your vehicle.

Backup Camera

A backup camera is one of the highest-ranked safety features to add to your vehicle. If you have a pickup or an SUV, a backup camera can show you the blind spot that is located under your rear tailgate. With a smaller car, you can safely park and pull out of crowded streets or parking lots.

The prices and features of backup cameras on the market vary. You can get a basic backup camera with a monitor for around $50. There are other models that you can connect to wirelessly with the display on the rearview mirror for around $100. Before you choose between the different types of backup cameras, be sure to review the directions to determine if installation requires drilling or if any advanced wiring is required. If this is the case, we recommend having the camera installed by a professional.

Dash Cam

There are a variety of dash cams available on the market with a wide range of features and price points. For a basic unit, you can expect to spend around $100. This will include a small camera that records a lopped video and is stored on a digital storage card. If you are in an accident, the footage of the accident will be saved on the memory card. This allows you to save the footage of the accident and use it as evidence.

The more expensive dash cameras offer features such as vehicle surveillance. With this feature, you will receive a notification if someone bumps into or breaks not your car. Most dash cameras can easily be installed within a few minutes.

New Head Unit

Paint protection application

You may already have a touch screen head unit that allows you to access the features of your vehicle while also connecting your mobile phone. Having your head unit changed out by a professional can add to your car’s entertainment features by providing access to your favorite music apps, maps, and more. Costs for a new head unit can range anywhere from $50 to $500.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Being able to use your mobile phone hand-free while driving will not only make your driving safer, but it can also help you prevent getting a ticket for using your phone while driving. Typically, you can purchase a basic unit for $25. These types of units are connected to the auxiliary power outlet or your audio input jack. This will allow you to make and receive phone calls safely through your vehicle’s sound system.

Blind Spot Warning

Adding radar sensors to your vehicle will allow you to enjoy both blind-spot warning and cross-traffic alert features. This device will warn when changing lanes if there is a car or truck in your blind spot. A cross-traffic system can alert you when a car is coming as you pull out of the parking space. This type of upgrade should be installed by a professional.

Paint Protection

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to the exterior of your vehicle, then paint protection is a great addition to your vehicle. With paint protection, we apply a sealant to the paint, protecting it with a plastic seal. This prevents harsh chemicals and scratches from affecting the finish of your vehicle.

Window Tinting

Window tinting helps to provide not only privacy but also offers a variety of other benefits. When you tint your windows, you can protect your interior from the degrading UV rays of the sun and keep your valuables out of sight of thieves.

Window tinting also makes your windows shatterproof, which can protect you from glass shards during an accident. With window tinting, you also protect yourself from harmful UV Rays and keep you cool during the summer months.

Upgrade Your Car with Three Rivers Auto Glass

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, you can upgrade your vehicle with paint protection or window tinting services. Pittsburgh automobile owners can rely on the quality service and expertise offered by Three Rivers Auto Glass. Contact us today to learn more!

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