Take Care of Your Vehicles Windshield

Windshield Maintenance

In order to avoid windshield replacement, the windshield needs to be properly maintained at all times. Not only does a neglected windshield diminish the driver’s visibility, but it also increases the likelihood of developing an irreparable crack. Here are a few important tips for taking care of your vehicle’s windshield.

Windshield Maintenance

Choose a mild cleaning product.
You do not need to use abrasive cleaning products to clear the windshield. When selecting a glass cleaner, try to stay away from cleaners that contain ammonia. A homemade mixture of vinegar and water is actually just as effective as a commercial product. Car owners need to be especially careful when cleaning tinted windows.

Use a micro-fiber cloth.
The softness of a micro-fiber cloth will be able to leave a streak-free finish on the windshield. When cleaning the glass with a micro-fiber cloth, take your time to remove any excess residue. The rest of the vehicle’s windows can be cleaned in the same manner as well.

Clean the windshield last.
During the process of detailing your car, remember to save the windshield for last. This helps to prevent the windshield from being contaminated by other liquids such as spray-on wax.

Remove water spots.
Over time, some windshields has a tendency to become cloudy. A high-quality glass polish will effectively restore the windshield to a new-like condition. Using the glass polish will also remove any water spots than have stained the windshield. A new windshield replacement may be needed if the glass exhibits severe cloudiness. In many instances, water spots can be prevented by drying the windshield after driving in rainy weather.

Promptly fix windshield chips.
A chip is a windshield repair that warrants prompt attention. A tiny chip could eventually grow into a large crack. Although a windshield repair specialist can fix minor cracks, major cracks will require a complete windshield replacement.

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