Why You Need to Replace a Cracked Windshield

Windshield cracked? Yeah, You Should Probably Fix That

You may think that a small crack in your windshield is nothing to be concerned about. However, that is a common misperception and it’s quite the opposite of the truth. A cracked windshield can have a variety of concerns, all of which lead to larger, and more expensive, issues that you’ll have to deal with. If you have a cracked windshield, here are some reasons why you should get it fixed sooner than later.

Windshield Replacement

It Impairs Your Vision

It is important that you have the best field of vision while you are driving. If you do not, you are putting yourself and other drivers on the road at risk. A tiny crack may not be a problem, but the more it spreads it quickly will become an issue that needs to be resolved. However, even the slightest of cracks could be enough to get in your way, which is why you should consider a windshield replacement from Three Rivers Auto Glass before it becomes a larger problem.

It’s Going To Get Worse

Pittsburgh, PA is known for having temperatures that continually fluctuate, which can then result in growing issues throughout different seasons of the year. As the weather gets colder, water can get into the cracks in your window and freeze. When the temperature then rises, that water expands and it can cause for larger cracks and a simple windshield repair may not be a possibility. Once a crack splinters into different directions, you could be looking at a window that has multiple different cracks throughout it. So what once was just a minor issue, has now turned into a full-blown problem and you’ll need a complete windshield replacement.

It May Get You Pulled Over

We all hope that police are more concerned with other things that they won’t pull over a driver who has a crack in their window. However, this is a legitimate reason to get pulled over and it is something that you can get a ticket for if this happens. If you have a small crack, it may not be noticeable by a police officer. However, if your window starts to splinter, like mentioned above, then it’s likely that it’ll be more noticeable. Getting a ticket for a small crack is going to cost you money, which would be better spent by just getting it a windshield repair to begin with.

It May Be Covered By Insurance

Insurance companies know that the price of paying to get a small crack or chip fixed is often much less than what it’ll cost for an entire windshield replacement. That is why the cost of getting it fixed is often much less than that of a complete windshield replacement. If you are afraid that the cost of a windshield repair is going to be expensive, keep in mind that a replacement is going to be much more money in the long run.

Nobody likes to have to get their windshield fixed. It seems like the time that you need it most, is the time when it’s most financially constricting. However, if you need to replace a cracked windshield, getting a windshield repair is much better than a replacement, due to the concerns that you’ll likely have if you leave it for a later time.

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