The Safety Significance that Windshield Offers

Windshield Safety

One of the most overlooked safety features in a vehicle is the windshield. Most of the car users agree that windshield plays a vital role in our cars. The importance includes keeping wind, rain, cold, heat, as well as numerous bugs and road particles away from our faces. We replace damaged and cracked windshields to enjoy the above advantages of windshields but most importantly to avoid tickets by the police officers. Are the cops the real concern so as to keep the windshield undamaged? Even though the cost of the tickets might be hefty to the owners, there are other duties that windshield performs that surpasses the value.

According to an engineer’s perspective, the windshield plays a crucial role in cars than owners recognize. Most car owners worry about how the cracked windshields will depreciate the value of the car while on the other hand, engineers have a deep understanding of the effects of a damaged windshield on vehicle’s structural reliability and passengers wellbeing. The windshield is incorporated among the vehicle’s system restraint system (SRS) together with airbags and seat belts hence if one of the components does not work correctly it compromises the effectiveness of the system.

Windshield Safety

The design of the SRS is in such a way that it will ensure there are perfect safety measures for the occupants in an event of an accident such as head-on collisions and roll-overs. During the accidents, there are cases of the vehicle occupants ejected from the car hence causing severe injuries or even death. The windshield plays a significant role in preventing such cases as it keeps the occupants inside the vehicle. Additionally, the windshield offers firm support to the roof of the car hence in an event of roll-over; it prevents the vehicle from collapsing and hurting the passengers. Therefore, it is crystal clear that the windshield plays an integral part in ensuring the safety of the driver as well as the passenger.

The windshield also plays a role in ensuring that the driver has optimum visibility while he or she is on the road as it keeps off bugs and highway debris out of our eyes. Its functionality is evident as cigarette butts, rocks, trash, among other things hit windshield as one is driving. With good visibility, the driver can quickly avert accidents and ensure the safety of other road users.

With the importance of the windshield clear as daylight, it is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the windshield of your car is in good shape. In fact, if the windshield is in bad shape for instance cracked, chipped or broken; it compromises the safety of the vehicle occupants. Cracked windshields reduce the clarity of the view during driving hence increasing the probability of accidents. Therefore, it is important for you to look for qualified professionals with vast experience and good reputation to do the windshield crack repair. At the Three Rivers Auto Glass, we offer first class services to our clients, with a state of art customer services and electronic billing via LYNX Services and other glass networks. Apart from the Three Rivers Auto Glass being approved for use by all insurance companies, we are ranked the first in Pittsburgh in fixing cracked windshields quickly. All are welcomed to enjoy our services.

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