Five Reasons to Get Paint Protection Film

If you love the way that a brand new car looks right after you’ve purchased it, you probably aren’t thrilled when you’re driving your car around and notice that it doesn’t really gleam anymore. That’s why you should think about having paint protection film applied to your vehicle.Paint Protection Film Pittsburgh

What Is Paint Protection Film?

You may not have heard of paint protection film, but you’ll find that it’s an important way to keep your car’s exterior looking great. If you think of it, there aren’t too many ways to keep the outside of your car looking its best. You can wash and wax it, of course, but what about keeping it nick, scratch, and dent-free?

That’s where paint protection comes in. This is sealant that’s applied to the outside of your car by a professional. The paint is covered by a plastic seal and won’t allow scratches, blemishes, or nicks that are caused by flying debris (think rocks, stones, and other things that are often found on the roadways).

Why Should I Get Pittsburgh Paint Protection?

Whether you have a new car, or a new-to-you car, you should have paint protection film applied as soon as you can.

UV rays affect your car

The longer your car is out in the sun, the more likely your paint will start to fade. Paint protection will help minimize the damage to your car from the sun’s rays.

Trees cause damage.

You may not think of trees as something that will harm your car, but the truth is that their sticky sap causes damage to car paint. Although you may try to avoid parking under trees, at some point you’re going to get stuck near one.

Chips can be found everywhere.

While lots of nicks and chips are found on the front of your car, because of the big and small rocks that are spit out from the vehicle’s tires that are in front of you, your car can get nicked on the sides, back and even on the top.

Birds can be found everywhere, too.

If your car if left outside overnight, or if you park in an outdoor lot during the day, birds will likely find your car and do their business on it. They can destroy your paint.

Even rain is unsafe for your car.

You can’t avoid the rain, and unfortunately, the chemicals and pollutants that are in the air make up the “acid rain” that you hear so much about. Once this rain dries on your car, the chemicals will start to work their way through your car’s paint.

There’s one way that you can prevent these problems: by having Pittsburgh paint protection applied to your car. Three Rivers Auto Glass has technicians who provide this service. The application uses harsh chemicals, so only a professional should use this kind of sealant. Give us a call today, and let us help you keep your car looking brand new.

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