What’s the Difference Between Front and Rear Windshield Replacement?

Every part of your vehicle was specifically designed to perform a certain way and serve a certain function. Generally speaking, your automobile glass is meant to provide visibility. But, depending on where the glass is located, it is also meant to serve other, more specific functions—and if you want your automobile glass to perform as intended, you’ve got to make sure it’s repaired properly after incurring damage.

How Your Rear Windshield Is Different

Your front and rear windshields are both large, mostly clear pieces of glass that allow you to see out of your vehicle. Beyond these basic similarities, however, the two pieces of automobile glass have little else in common.

Here are some of the ways your rear windshield is different from your front windshield:

  • Construction. Your rear windshield is constructed of tempered “safety glass” that adds to your vehicle’s Rear Windshield Repairstructural stability and helps protect its passengers. The glass has been reinforced by thermal or chemical treatments that make it capable of withstanding severe impact; so, when shattered, it will break into chunks rather than shards.
  • Features. Most rear windshields have some obvious feature, or asset, that set them apart from front windshields. Most cars have rear windshield wipers that move from side to side, and some have grids or lines used for defrosting. Many trucks have sliding windows, or windows that open outward on a hinge, and many SUVs and station wagons have tailgates/liftgates that include glass.
  • Repair/Replacement. Because of the differences noted above, whenever your rear windshield is damaged, the process of repair or replacement is different than it is for front windshield repair or replacement. So, when choosing a Pittsburgh auto glass shop, don’t pick one that just fixes automobile glass; pick one experienced in Pittsburgh rear windshield repair and replacement.


How to Get Your Rear Windshield Replaced

In order for your rear windshield to function as it’s supposed to—and in order for you to continue to enjoy the features you’ve gotten used to—it must be replaced using the right glass and other parts… and the right procedures.

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we carry Original Engineering Manufacturer—or “OEM”—glass used in makes and models manufactured by the “big three” automakers, as well as specialty glasses. Our expert technicians are highly experienced at rear windshield repair and replacement, and they work according to industry-leading, exacting standards.

So, if you are in need of Pittsburgh rear windshield repair or rear windshield replacement in Pittsburgh, call us to schedule an appointment at any of our six greater-Pittsburgh area shops, or to arrange for mobile service at your home or office.

And, please, don’t put off making the call. Your rear windshield plays a crucial role in protecting you and your passengers.

Denny Toth