Can I Recycle My Windshield?

When your windshield glass is damaged or cracked a common question you may have is “Can I recycle my windshield?” Yes, you can! Windshield glass is highly durable and able to be transformed into a variety of objects once it is recycled and cleaned. In recent years, over 4 million windshields have neem recycled and repurposed instead of being placed in landfills. After your Pittsburgh windshield replacement, you may want to recycle your windshield too!


How is Windshield Glass Different?

Due to its ability to withstand excessive amounts of force, windshield glass is referred to as safety glass. Windshield glass has two layers that are extremely strong and allows for the windshield to flex instead of shatter. Because of those layers, the windshield is able to stay together upon impact.


How is Windshield Glass Recycled? 

Windshield glass is recycled through several steps. The first set is the windshield is broken down and the layers that Windshield replacement Pittsburghare pressed firmly between the layers are separated. Once the layers have been separated, the glass is grinded down to its original state by a processor. After it has been returned to its original state, it is used to create new glass and glass-based materials.


Who Recycles Windshields?

Once you have had your Pittsburgh windshield replaced, you can call your local recycling center or glass repair shop to find more information on who will collect recycled windshields. In most situations,  your local glass repair shop or recycling center has the facilities needed in order to recycle the glass.


When do I Recycle My Windshield?

After an accident, you might require Pittsburgh windshield repair or replacement. If you are looking for windshield repair services, you can contact professionals like Three Rivers Auto Glass to help with your repair. Professionals know more about repair and recycling services that can help you save time and money. After your replacement services, you may be left with a windshield that you can recycle instead of throwing away.


Denny Toth