Can a Chip in Your Windshield be Repaired?

Windshield Repair, When Do You Need it

When many people notice a chip in their windshield, they want to know whether windshield repair or windshield replacement is the best option. If repair is an option, then most people do not want to pay for a windshield replacement. Most companies would rather repair a windshield than throw more glass in a dumpster. The type of damage done to the windshield is one of the factors that determines whether windshield replacement or windshield repair is the best option.

Windshield Repair

Bulls-eye is one of the most common types of windshield damage. This is the appearance of straight, round single-impact damage. Because a large piece of glass is removed during this type of damage, it would appear as though it is very difficult to repair. However, this is actually one of the easiest type of damage to repair. It is important to get cone-shaped bulls-eye chip repaired as soon as possible. If this damage is not repaired, then the laminate layer that is inside of the glass can collect dirt and water.

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