What are the Most Common Types of Windshield Cracks?

Windshields play an integral role in the overall safety of a vehicle, providing structural support in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, they can also be easily damaged. Cracks and chips are common windshield damage that requires repair or replacement in order to maintain a safe driving environment. Here we discuss five of the most common types of windshield cracks and the potential causes of each. Continue reading

Dangers of DIY Windshield Repair

Cracks and chips in a windshield are a common occurrence for drivers, but they can be more than just a minor annoyance. A damaged windshield can pose a serious risk to your safety and that of your passengers. Many people are tempted to try DIY windshield repair methods to save money, but the dangers of doing so far outweigh any savings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why you should leave windshield repair to the professionals. Continue reading