Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle

Have You Cleaned Your Vehicle?

Spring is here and so is the dirt from last season. Salt, debris and other winter weather remnants collect over the colder months and will make your vehicle filthy. With this in mind, here are a few spring cleaning tips for your car, from us at Three River’s Auto Glass.

Exterior Washing

Washing your vehicle is the best simple way to cleanse its exterior. Most drivers think to wash their cars’ exterior where they can see; however, there are other exterior spaces that need cleaned which are difficult to spot—like a vehicle’s undercarriage. Winter road salt and other street debris can do great harm beneath your vehicle, if left unattended to. Salt, for instance, will assist in rusting your vehicle’s undercarriage. This is why it is important to properly wash beneath your vehicle, as well as wash the sides, hood, roof, trunk, et cetera…

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