Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle

Have You Cleaned Your Vehicle?

Spring is here and so is the dirt from last season. Salt, debris and other winter weather remnants collect over the colder months and will make your vehicle filthy. With this in mind, here are a few spring cleaning tips for your car, from us at Three River’s Auto Glass.

Exterior Washing

Washing your vehicle is the best simple way to cleanse its exterior. Most drivers think to wash their cars’ exterior where they can see; however, there are other exterior spaces that need cleaned which are difficult to spot—like a vehicle’s undercarriage. Winter road salt and other street debris can do great harm beneath your vehicle, if left unattended to. Salt, for instance, will assist in rusting your vehicle’s undercarriage. This is why it is important to properly wash beneath your vehicle, as well as wash the sides, hood, roof, trunk, et cetera…

Interior Spring Cleaning

Remove the Rubbish

You take out the trash from your house, and your vehicle should be no different. Whether it’s an empty box of tissues from that winter cold, or routine rubbish compiled of accumulated gas receipts, winter can often cause an unnecessary build-up of rubbish in your vehicle. Removing such rubbish will instantly make your vehicle feel fresh, as well as preparing it for interior detailing for a full spring clean.

Interior Detailing

After removing any rubbish and unnecessary items that have accumulated in your vehicle over winter, you can begin detailing the interior. Vacuum your car’s floor mats, carpet, seats, and trunk to rid of loose dust and debris. Also use a dashboard cleaner to wipe down your vehicle’s dash, steering wheel, gear shift, et cetera… This will remove stuck-on dirt from winter, and leave you with a crisp, dust-free car. Ensure that the cleaner you are using is specifically for vehicles, as not to damage the dash itself.

Glass Maintenance

Keeping up with your vehicle’s glass maintenance is imperative for clearly seeing the road before you. By cleaning the insides and outsides of the front and rear windshields, as well as cleaning your vehicle’s side windows, you can be sure that there are no smudges or streaks obstructing your view. If there are any chips or cracks in your car’s glass, contact us at Three River’s Auto Glass immediately about auto glass replacement or repairs. One Pittsburgh pot-hole will make any small crack quickly spread across an entire shield of glass.

General Automotive Car & Maintenance Fixes

Cleaning your vehicle inside and out is only half of what every vehicle needs for a proper spring cleaning. Spring cleaning also means checking to ensure that everything on your vehicle is up to par and working properly. From checking tire pressures, to fixing scrapes and non-working parts, general maintenance and fixing is the best way to fully ready your vehicle for a new season.

Make sure your vehicle is cleaned, running properly and ready for spring days of cruising with the windows down. Following these few tips will allow you to breathe in the fresh air of spring rather than the stale air from past winter. Contact us at Three River’s Auto Glass now for more information on keeping a well-maintained vehicle throughout every season of the year.

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