Things to Know About Your Windshield

What Do You Know About Your Windshield?

Your vehicle’s windshield is a standard part of the entire motor machine. A windshield is actually so standard that you may forget about how important your vehicle’s windshield really is. Three Rivers Auto Glass is here to remind you of some good things to know about your vehicle’s windshield, and how to do what when it needs repaired.



Imagine driving fast down a road in the summer time, without a windshield. How many insects would smack your face? Speaking of driving fast, would your face also take well to fierce winds streaming passed it? Motorcyclists have face shields on their helmets for a reason too. Your vehicle’s windshield, made of multiple sturdy layers of glass, protects you and your passengers from wind, road debris, insects and more.

Road Safety

Not only does your windshield protect your physically, it also enables you to see the road and traffic clearly through. Think about how it would be to drive in the rain with no windshield for the wiper blades to wipe clean for clear sight. Your windshield is a type of road safety necessity.

Windshield Repair

Since road debris can occasionally be more aggressive than the protection and road safety of your windshield can resist, windshield repairs may be necessary at some point. Windshield repair is not a fretful task; it is actually quite simple. Our Three Rivers Auto Glass team, for instance, will repair a cracked or chipped windshield quickly and effectively, and we’ll even come to you!

Windshield Replacement

Sometimes a fragmented spot on a windshield turns into a full length crack along the entire windshield after one bad speed bump in the road. If your vehicle’s windshield is in too poor of a condition, it may just need replaced. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we can also replace damaged windshields in only a few simple steps.

Your vehicle’s windshield helps to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Whether your windshield needs replaced, repaired, or just inspected for good measure, our Three Rivers Auto Glass team is here to for you.

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