Road Trip Safety Tips

Safety Tips for the Road

The season of road trips is upon us, but is your vehicle ready? There are many things that you can do yourself to prepare your vehicle for traveling. Yet there may also be some maintenance requirements that only professionals can fix, such as our windshield repair and replacement services. At Three Rivers Auto Glass we want to make sure that every vehicle is ready and prepared for a road trip filled with both fun and safety throughout the entire journey.

-Maintenance & Prepare Your Vehicle In Advance

Providing your vehicle with general maintenance before your road trip is simple yet imperative for preparing it for a lengthy journey on the road. From filling the gas tank, getting an oil change and topping off other fluids, to checking tire pressure and giving your vehicle a good post-trip cleaning, general maintenance is the best way to up-keep your vehicle and make it road trip ready. Although general maintenance helps to prevent major issues, also check the mechanical functioning of your vehicle, from bumper to fender. Doing these things one or two weeks before your road trip is best, to enable room for major fixes if necessary.

Road Trip Safety

-Research the Road Before Your Road Trip Begins

Before heading out to start your road trip, do a bit of research of necessary road-trip elements. For instance, for each area that you will be passing through, check road conditions for construction and detours, additional routes and estimated travel times, as well as each location’s approximated weather. This small amount of research before your road trip will best prepare you for what you may encounter along the way.

-Minimize Distractions While Traveling

Once you and your vehicle are ready for the road trip, make sure the journey itself is traveled safely. Minimizing distractions while driving is one major step that goes far in accounting for road trip safety. Research the road and pay attention to it—car karaoke is great, a full on concert while driving is a bit distracting.

Follow these road trip safety tips to prepare, experience, and reflect on a safe and fun road trip this summer. You can also contact us today at Three Rivers Auto Glass for more information on our windshield repair and other quality, reliable services.

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