Can Your Windshield Be Saved?

Need to Save Your Windshield?

You are driving on a sunny day in Pittsburgh when a rock kicks up from a street crater, and hits your windshield; is it salvageable? There are differences between a windshield scrape, chip and crack. Depending on the depth of the damage, whether a small scrape, a lengthy crack or a deep chip, your windshield may need to be completely replaced, or simply repaired. Here are a few basic tips from our professionals at Three Rivers Auto Glass.


Windshield problems such as scrapes are usually from minor issues. Since windshield scrapes are not often deep, they are nearly always able to be repaired. If your windshield has a few scrapes from windshield wipers, road rocks and other debris, it most likely will not need fully replaced, only repaired. If left untreated, windshield scrapes will reflect sunlight glares and headlights from other vehicles on the road. These resulting smaller issues quickly develop into being huge safety hazards, which makes repairs imperative for avoiding unnecessary problems.

Saving Your Windshield


A crack in windshield glass can be thought of as a more sever windshield scrape. Cracks, though similar to scrapes, not only cause unsafe roadside nuisances, such as excessive glare, but cracks in the glass are also threatening to the entire strength and reliability of your windshield. The longer a glass crack in the windshield is left untreated, the less dependability the windshield itself provides.


Although more severe than scrapes and cracks, chips are also easily repairable with filler compounds if the glass is only damaged on its exterior layer. Yet more quickly than scrapes or chips, windshield cracks can rapidly turn into a shattered windshield with your next street crater incident. Be sure to have chips repaired as soon as possible, before you need an entirely new windshield replacement.

If your windshield needs fixed or replaced, do not hesitate on the needed service. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we are able to help repair and, if needed, replace your windshield effectively and affordably. Visit us today for a consultation to establish the severity of your windshield’s damage. Whether you need to repair a crack in a windshield or fully replace a glass windshield, we get the job done right, every time and for every customer. Call now!

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