Can Scratched Auto Glass Be Repaired?

A scratched windshield can be a nuisance to look through when driving as well as a safety hazard. Trying to look through the scratch marks can be frustrating and can make safely driving the roadways a difficult or impossible task, making you a danger to your passengers and other drivers.

Lightly Scratched Auto Glass RepairsScratched Windshield Pittsburgh

In most cases, minor windshield scratches can be repaired. These scratches are visible but are not deep enough to catch your fingernail on them, making them simple to fix. A few ways you can repair these minor scratches include:

Whitening Toothpaste


This type of toothpaste contains baking soda, making it an excellent option for scratch removal. Place a dot of toothpaste on the scratched area and rub it over the area in a gentle circular motion. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired result and then wipe the excess toothpaste away with a slightly damp cloth.

Cerium Oxide

If you have a deeper scratch, such as a windshield wiper burn, you may need a stronger solution to repair the scratch. Many auto glass repair kits that you can purchase contain the ingredient cerium oxide. When this ingredient is buffed into the glass, it can help bind the compound with the auto glass.

The cerium oxide is missed with water to make a glue-like paste that is applied to the scratched area using a polishing wheel. With the polishing wheel, the paste is applied in a scrubbing motion to smooth the surface. It is vital to keep the paste moist, adding the cerium oxide as needed until the glass is smooth.

Acrylic Scratch Remover

This is one of the easiest methods for removing light scratches in your windshield. This liquid is applied in one step to the scratch, filling the cavity of the scratch and hardening as it dries transparent to cover the damage.

Deep Windshield Scratch Repair

With deeper, more severe windshield scratches, it may be best to have your auto glass looked at by a professional. Depending on the size, placement, and depth of the scratch, an auto glass repair professional can recommend repair or replacement. It is crucial to have scratches repaired as soon as possible to reduce your risk of having an accident due to your obstructed view.

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