Top Reasons for Damaged Windshields

A Three Rivers Auto Glass, we repair cracked and chipped windshields daily. If you’ve ever had a crack or chip in your windshield, you may have wondered how it happened. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we’ve put together the most common reasons for a damaged windshield.

Weather DamageAuto Glass Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh weather is one of the main enemies of your windshield. From frequently fluctuating temperatures to hail storms, the weather is the usual culprit when it comes to windshield damage.

  • Wind Damage. Wind can push dust, dirt, and other debris into your windshield, which can lead to chips in the glass.
  • Hail. During a Pittsburgh hail storm, hail as large as golf balls or baseballs can hit your windshield, chipping the glass. These chips can grow into cracks, which is why it is crucial to have them repaired as soon as possible.
  • UV Rays. As the sun heats the metal around the windshield of your car, it causes the edges of the windshield to heat and expand faster than the center of the glass, causing cracks on the surface and through the center of the windshield. When the sun is shining, it is essential to try to park your car in the shade or garage.
  • Temperature Fluctuations. As you may already know, Pittsburgh’s temperatures can fluctuate from one extreme to the next during the fall and spring seasons. These extreme changes in temperature, from above freezing to below or vice versa, can affect the edge of the windshield, which can lead to cracks.

Poor Installation

Incorrect auto glass replacement is another way that your windshield can end up being damaged. If the wrong windshield is installed or if it is not set into the framework correctly by the technician, this can put you at risk if you are in a collision and need the window protection.

Professional Auto Glass Replacement Services

Whether your windshield was replaced incorrectly, chipped by wind-blown debris or cracked by hail, Three Rivers Auto Glass can complete your windshield repair quickly and with quality in mind. Pittsburgh customers and those in the surrounding area can rely on Three River Auto Glass for all of their auto glass replacement needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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