Car Paint Protection for Winter

With the cool fall season in full swing, the winter weather is not far behind. This is a great time to begin preparing your car to survive the ice, slush, and road salt of winter. While road salt helps to make it safer to travel on the roads during icy and snowy conditions, the road salt also wreaks havoc on your car’s paint, making paint protection crucial for a Pittsburgh winter.

How Road Salt Damages Your Vehicle

Road salt is extremely corrosive and throughout the winter can cause damage to your vehicle in areas such as the doors, hood, fenders, and undercarriageAs you drive on treated roadways, the salt and saltwater are kicked back up on your car. Your car may also suffer damage if you are driving behind or pass a salt truck that is spreading salt because the salt can bounce down the road at you. 

How to Protect Your Car From Road Salt

Aside from washing your car all winter long to prevent road salt corrosion, there is a better way to care for your vehicle this winter. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an excellent option for keeping your car looking great throughout the winter. This film, also known as a clear bra is made of a thin layer of clear urethane and can be applied to areas of the vehicle that are at high risk for damage from road salt or abrasions such as the mirrors, door panels, and fenders.

Auto Paint Protection PittsburghBecause PPF is clear, it will not alter the appearance of your vehicle, it is easy to maintain, and can be customized for a perfect fit. The paint protection film is also very durable and can withstand a variety of environments and different temperatures. In addition to protecting your vehicle from road salt, PPF is also effective at protecting your vehicle from:

  • Small rock damage
  • Scuffs
  • Insect stains
  • Scrapes

Protect Your Car with Paint Protection Services Today!

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we provide high-quality services to ensure your vehicle is protected from the harsh winter conditions. You can count on Three River Auto Glass to use the best materials as well as a team of expert paint protection film installers that Pittsburgh winters are no match for! Contact us today to learn more.

Denny Toth