The Effects of Air Temperature on Your Windshield

Sudden temperature changes can wreak havoc on your windshield. Your windshield will expand and contracts as the temperature changes. If hot air heats your windshield, it causes the glass to expand, which can lead to cracks.

If the windshield comes into contact with cold air, it can cause the glass to contract. If this cold glass is suddenly exposed to heat, it can cause the glass to crack.

Windshield Protection PittsburghInspect Your Windshield as Part of Your Regular Vehicle Maintenance

As part of your regular car maintenance routine, it is crucial to inspect your windshield for chips or cracks that could become a bigger problem due to temperature changes. It is vital to contact Three Rivers Auto Glass, your windshield replacement experts in Pittsburgh, as soon as you see a crack or rock chip in your windshield. We can make repairs before these cracks or chips in your glass become bigger.

How Hot Weather Affects Your Windshield

The hot summer weather means vacations and traveling. Since many people travel more when the weather is warm out, you are more likely to get cracks or chips in your windshield from the many miles of highway travel. Sweltering temperatures can cause these cracks and chips to expand, so it is essential to have your windshield repaired as soon as you can and be sure to park in the shade and keep the direct sunlight off of your windshield.

How Cold Weather Affects Your Windshield

The cold Pittsburgh winters can take a toll on your windshield. Once temperatures drop below 32° F, the metal around your windshield will contract. This places stress on your windshield and can cause unrepaired cracks to spread. To avoid cracks or to prevent making cracks worse, be sure to warm your car slowly and avoid pouring hot water on your windshield as a method for defrosting because it can lead to cracks in your windshield.

Repair Chips Before the Winter

When preparing your car for the Pittsburgh winter with snow tires and other protective measures, be sure to repair chips or crack as soon as possible to keep them from spreading. The same goes for the summer season since extreme heat can also cause cracking.

Windshield Repair Pittsburgh

When searching for “windshield repair near me” be sure to choose Three Rivers Auto Glass for expert services and superior products that are sure to satisfy your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our windshield repair services.

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