Do Car Dealerships Replace Windshields?

If your windshield has been damaged, especially on your new car, you may be wondering if you can take your vehicle back to the dealership to have the windshield repaired. In most cases, your dealership can repair or replace your damaged windshield, but there is no advantage to having the work completed by the dealership vs. an auto glass specialist in Pittsburgh.

Car Dealership vs. Auto Glass SpecialistBroken Windshield Repair

Before deciding on where you should take your vehicle for auto glass repair, it is essential to understand what to expect with a dealership and an auto glass specialist.

A car dealership has the capabilities to replace damaged windshields and windows. For the replacements, they will exclusively use OEM glass that is ordered directly from the vehicle manufacturer.

Unlike a dealership, an auto glass company provides a more extensive range of auto glass services. An auto glass specialist can replace your side and rear windows, repair cracks, and can also install a new windshield. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we also offer a mobile service, where we can come to your location to repair or replace your windshield with no extra fee.

By using a car glass specialist, you receive av variety of advantages such as lower price and convenience that a dealership can’t provide.

Higher Costs at Car Dealerships

Price is a significant concern for most car owners. When choosing between a dealership and an auto glass specialist, it is crucial to understand the differences in pricing. Because dealerships, in some cases, sub-contract auto glass replacement jobs, it can lead to the replacement costing $150-$300 more than what an auto glass specialist may charge.

Costs can also be higher due to the OEM glass that dealerships use. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass is made the original supplier and is identical to the glass that was initially installed in the car. Keep in mind that all aftermarket glass is made to meet the same safety and quality standards as OEM glass. Dealerships and auto glass specialists can order either type of glass for your replacement based on the recommendations of your automaker.

Professional Auto Glass Replacement Pittsburgh

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we are dedicated to providing top-quality windshield repair to our clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Whether you need a chip repaired or a full window or windshield replacement, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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