Does Insurance Cover Auto Glass Repair?

Your vehicle is important: your means of transportation, your office space, your family’s second home, your space ship. It requires much maintenance and when you notice a tiny crack in the windshield, that requires attention, too! Often, we think this can be put off for a while and it is forgotten. At that point, the crack may have gotten so large that the entire windshield must be replaced or your space ship will be unsafe for your group of astronauts. But the money! Who will pay for this repair? You don’t know where this crack came from. Will your insurance company really help you? Will they listen to you?

Don’t fret! There are a few things to know about windshield repair that Three Rivers Auto Glass, your local auto glass repair in Pittsburgh want you to know. First, measure the crack. Is it smaller than 6 inches, typically the size of a dollar bill? If it is, then it can most likely be fixed and you can avoid replacing the windshield altogether.  A bullseye or star crack is quite minimal and should be taken care of immediately to prevent a full windshield replacement. The key is to get your windshield fixed as soon or soon after you see the damage to prevent any further damage from occurring!

If you do think you need to replace the windshield, take your vehicle to your local windshield repair shop, Three Rivers Auto Glass, serving Pittsburgh and the greater Pittsburgh area. The professionals will file a claim for you. Most insurance companies will cover a windshield replacement, less your deductible.

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Denny Toth