Three Rivers Auto Glass Repair is your windshield and auto glass repair center. We have been serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding area for 40 years. We are your local Pittsburgh auto glass repair service center and if you haven’t worked with us, we want you to know what kind of services we can do for you!

That crack in your windshield is nothing to overlook and if you let it go, it will spread and you will HAVE to replace your windshield. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we will come to your home or job, make a determination about your windshield, and fix the crack all without the hassle of you coming to our shop.

Cracked Windshield Repair

If the crack in your windshield has spread to longer than six inches (about the size of a dollar bill), we will replace it for you, quickly, and we will do the work correctly, the first time. Our technicians are trained to complete all parts of windshield glass replacement with the utmost detail, from pre-work to post-work. Your car will most likely be ready to go within an hour. All this work can be done at your home or place of business, just like  minor crack repair.

Three Rivers Auto Glass will work with fleet vehicles to keep your fleet as good as new or better. We will keep your fleet in the Pittsburgh area from coming to a standstill by continuing to fix cracks and replace windshields.

If insurance claims are on your mind, the professionals in customer service at Three Rivers Auto Glass have got you covered. We take care of all insurance claims and paperwork for any windshield repairs we do. We work with ALL insurance companies, no exceptions.

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