How Long Does it Take a Cracked Windshield to Spread?

If you have a chipped windshield, it’s not good to wait to have it repaired or replaced because even the smallest crack or chip can spread across your windshield. This can turn an easy repair job into an expensive windshield replacement.

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we specialize in windshield repair and replacement that can be scheduled around your availability to meet your needs. In Pittsburgh, there are a variety of factors that can worsen a chip or crack in your windshield, including:

Windshield in RainMoisture

A windshield is comprised of a layer of polyvinyl butyral that is between two laminated glass layers. When damage occurs beyond the outer layer, the butyral can become contaminated by moisture from rain or snow, which leads to cloudiness. The only way this can be resolved is to replace the entire windshield.

Rough Roads

Pittsburgh is notorious for rough roads with many potholes, especially after the winter season. While smooth roads are safe for a chipped windshield, gravel roads or a pothole can cause the vehicle’s frame to put pressure on the windshield, which causes the crack to grow.

If you hit a Pittsburgh pothole hard enough, you could shatter your windshield.

Temperature Changes

When the temperature changes drastically, it can cause the glass to contract and expand, causing the crack to open during the day in warmer weather and close at night in colder weather.

In Pittsburgh, the temperatures can drastically change from morning to night in the wintertime, causing the structure of your windshield to shift which leads to a weakening at the corner of the chip or crack. This can cause them to start spreading at a microscopic level, and within a few days, you will see that the crack or chip has spread.

Professional Windshield Repair and Replacement Services

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we provide top-notch windshield repair and replacement services to get you back out on the road safely! Contact us today to learn more!

Denny Toth