Ways Winter Can Damage your Auto Glass

Winter can be rough on your vehicle, including your windshield. While you may think caring for your windshield in the winter is easy, there are certain precautions you should take to keep your windshield in great shape.

There are a variety of ways your windshield can become damaged in the winter, including:

Frozen windshieldIce Covered Wiper Blades or The Wrong Wiper Blades

While it can be a pain to clear the ice off of your wiper blades, using ice-covered blades can cause even bigger problems. First, they won’t be functional, which can reduce your visibility since they can’t remove the moisture from the windshield effectively. Second, they can also increase the risk of scratching the glass, which can lead to the need for auto glass repair.

In addition to making sure your wiper blades are ice-free, you also want to make sure you have the right wiper blades for winter. It is recommended that you use wiper blades specifically made for the winter weather. They are stronger and will more effectively handle the snow and ice. Since they are heavier, they will do a better job at moving the snow off your windshield. Many of them are also equipped with a heavy outer layer that won’t freeze to your windshield.

Minor Chips and Cracks Left Unrepaired

It is best to have any minor cracks or chips repaired prior to the winter season. If left unrepaired throughout the winter, they can become bigger, more serious issues. This is because when it is cold, the glass will contract and then expand when the temperature rises. This will cause the crack or chip to become bigger, requiring a windshield replacement.

Warm Water Used to De-Ice Glass

Even if you are in a hurry, do not use warm water to defrost your windshield. As mentioned above, glass expands and contract when the temperature changes. When you place warm water on a cold windshield, you can cause rapid expansion that can cause the glass to crack.

You can use water to deice your windshield, but we recommend using tepid or cool water rather than hot or warm water.

Blasting the Heater or Defroster

It’s okay to use your heater or defroster to warm up the car and get the ice off of the windshield. However, you should avoid cranking it all the way up. Just like with warm water, the sudden increase in temperature can cause cracking, especially if you already have minor chips or cracks.

Using the Wrong Tools to Clear Ice/Snow

When clearing your windshield, you should only use tools that are specifically designed for use on a windshield, such as ice scrapers and brushes. Avoid using items like a shovel which can cause serious damage to your windshield.

When using an ice scraper, be sure to avoid stabbing or pounding away at the ice or snow. This can lead to damage to your windshield.

Auto Glass Repair Services in Pittsburgh

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