What solution fits your broken windshield; is it to repair the chip or to replace the windshield?

Finding the Solution for your Broken Windshield

Do you know that more than 50% of car drivers end up confused on what to do when they sustain a rock chip on their windshield? At cracked windshield repair Pittsburgh, we found out that some drivers would end up replacing the windshield when a repair would have been the best fit. In order to understand the situations when a repair or a replacement is needed, we shall be outlining them on the following paragraphs.

When would a windshield chip repair suffice?

It is a generally knowledge in the industry that when there is a rock-chip in the windshield, the windshield is considered broken. However, understanding whether the damage on your windshield warranties a repair depends on the following factors stated below:

Windshield Repair

  • If the damage (rock chip) can be entirely covered by a dollar bill (between 6 inches), then a repair is most suitable.
  • When there the number of chips in the windshield is less than three, then a repair is the best fit.
  • When the rock chip is elsewhere in the windshield and not on the edge of your windshield, then a repair would be convenient.
  • If chip does lies on your line of sight, then you should go for a repair.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that the real essence of windshield repair is to ensure that the chip does not grow. Therefore, if the mark remains but the chip is repaired to curtail spreading, then the technician has done his job.

When is it necessary to replace your rock-chipped windshield?

There are several circumstance when a technician would advice that you should replace your windshield, and such circumstances includes:

  • If the rock chip on the windshield cannot be entirely covered with a dollar bill (above 6 inches).
  • If the chip is on driver’s line of sight and obstructing the driver’s clear sight o the road.
  • When there exist three or more chips on the windshield.
  • If the impact point of the chip on the windshield extends beyond the first layer of the laminated glass.
  • When the inner part of the windshield is chipped or cracked.
  • If the impact point on the windshield is pulverized.

Having acquired a clear understanding on what solutions that would best fit your cracked windshield, It is very necessary to note that Windshield repair Pittsburgh offers several benefits to individuals in need of chip repair and this benefits include:

  • Affordability: Cracked windshield repair Pittsburgh services are very cheap to hire. In addition, most insured vehicles with full insurance coverage access these services with no direct costs.
  • Prevent crack extension: If you let the crack or chip in your windshield to expand, this would lead to the replacement of your windshield. However, with the services of windshield repair Pittsburgh, you will be able to prevent further extension of the chip.
  • Prompt and quick repair: In most cases, chip repair hardly takes more than 30 minutes to accomplish. It also takes no time for the technician to arrive at your premises to repair the chip.
  • Employs best quality materials: At cracked windshield repair Pittsburgh, we guarantee that all our glass healer solutions are the best in curing Rock chip.
  • Service warranty: All services of windshield repair Pittsburgh are backed by a warranty. We also guarantee that after our repair, your vehicle would pass lease turn-back and state vehicle inspections.

From the above, you have seen the possible situations where a repair is preferable to a replacement and the advantages of chip repair. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to neglect any chip or crack on your windshield because it can compromise your safety and that of your vehicle, and can lead to greater damage on the windshield. Lastly, in order to retain the factory seal on your auto, truck or any other vehicle, it is better you repair your windshield to keep it air/water tight.

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