Who Pays for Your Broken Windshield?

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, your local auto glass repair shop, we restore windshields every day for our Pittsburgh customers. A damaged windshield is not only dangerous to drive with, but it is also unsightly. With a brand-new windshield, you can keep yourself safer, while refreshing the look of your vehicle.

A common question many car owners have is who pays for a broken windshield?

Dangers and other Issues Caused by a Broken Windshield

Windshield Repair and ReplacementIf you experience a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield, it is not a matter that you should take lightly. When damage to the glass occurs, it can cause multiple problems that can snowball into more significant issues, including:
  • Windshield damage is a driving hazard. Damage to the glass can hinder the driver and the passenger from being able to see the road as well as the object in front of them while driving.
  • While your car is still considered to be valuable, a damaged windshield may make someone less likely to purchase your vehicle.
  • If your windshield has cracks or chips, they will only continue to get worse. The worse the chips and cracks get, the more expensive the repairs or replacement will be.
  • You are less protected with a damaged windshield. In the event of a collision, you will not have full protection from your windshield, and in some cases, since the glass is already weakened, it could cause the windshield to shatter into the car.

Will My Insurance Company Cover a Windshield Repair or Replacement? 

Typically, most insurance companies will cover the restoration or replacement of your windshield, regardless of the extent of the damage. Many insurance companies include a provision in their auto insurance policies for a broken windshield.
Be sure to call your agent or provider to see if you have a provision for windshield repair or if they offer any coverage for a damaged windshield. Insurance companies provide varying levels of coverage, so be sure to get the details and conditions from your provider. This will help you avoid surprises of you experience a damaged windshield.
Insurance companies are willing to foot the bill for windshield repair or replacement because they know that if it is not dealt with immediately, a broken windshield will continue to get worse and can lead to a disaster, which will result in more money they have to pay.

Windshield Repair and Replacement for Pittsburgh Drivers

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we servers as your top choice for windshield repair in Pittsburgh. We provide quick, professional service, and we work to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive again. Our experienced crew can come out to your home or office for the repair. With Three Rivers Auto Glass, windshield repair and replacement is hassle-free.
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Denny Toth