Why Should I Hire a Mobile Windshield Repair Service?

“Great, my windshield’s damaged… Now, I have to take my car somewhere to get it repaired.” Chances are, if you’ve recently incurred windshield damage, you’re probably thinking something similar to the above statement. But the above statement isn’t entirely accurate. You don’t have to take your car anywhere!

At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we offer both in-shop and mobile auto glass services, which means you have a choice in where you receive service. You can either bring your vehicle into any one of our six greater-Pittsburgh area shops, or you can have one of our expert technicians come to you at your home, office, or other location.

But why choose mobile windshield repair services over in-shop services? Here are some compelling reasons.


Reasons for Choosing Mobile Windshield Repair Services

  • Safety.Mobile Windshield Repair Pittsburgh
    • Regardless of location, size, or nature, any type of damage to your windshield will affect your ability to see out of it as intended. Additionally, because of the reflective and refractive properties of glass, even a small chip on the periphery of your windshield could cause potentially dangerous visibility problems, such as light interference or inability to properly perceive distance. Driving with impaired visibility is a risk that many vehicle owners simply don’t want to take.
  • Damage Control.
    • Once your windshield is damaged, it is more prone to additional damage, which could be incurred under everyday circumstances by even the most diligent drivers. Among other things, potholes, plates in the road, and rumble strips could “shake” your car, which could cause your windshield damage to feather out or otherwise expand, which could result in a more costly repair or, worse yet, the necessity for windshield replacement rather than windshield repair. So, many vehicle owners choose mobile services to prevent further damage and, ultimately, avoid additional expenses.
  • Convenience.
    • Whether we repair your windshield in-shop or on-location, our expert technicians will have your vehicle road-ready in about two hours. That’s a pretty quick turnaround as far as auto services go. But as far as your schedule goes, it’s a pretty big commitment that requires you to “step away” from your other obligations for a while—and, quite frankly, some people just don’t want to, or can’t easily, do it. Many customers prefer us to come to them. That way, they can meet us outside to initiate service; go back to their home or office and go about business as usual; then come back out when service is complete.


Choosing the Right Shop for Your Mobile Windshield Repair

If you’ve decided that mobile services are for you, your next step is to select an auto glass shop. There are numerous shops that provide mobile windshield repair services and mobile windshield replacement services in Pittsburgh. Choose one that is certified, carries the appropriate glass for your vehicle, services your geographic area, and, if applicable, accepts your insurance.

Also, make sure to read the fine print, and/or ask for exact details, about their mobile service offers. Many shops charge a “mobile service fee” in addition to the quoted/estimated cost of repair or replacement. Three Rivers Auto Glass, however, does not. Our mobile services are available at no additional cost.

To schedule mobile service, call the shop nearest to your location.

Denny Toth