Why Choose Paint Protection?

If you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle, or are in the market for one, you’ve probably heard talk of “paint protection.” Perhaps the dealership suggested it as one of many optional add-ons, or maybe a friend, relative, or coworker recommended (or criticized) it.

Whatever the case, you’re probably wondering what paint protection is, how it works, and if it’s worth the cost—and if that’s the case, rest assured, Three Rivers Auto Glass is here to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision about whether paint protection is right for you.

What It Is Paint Protection, and How Does It Work?

Paint protection is a film coating that’s applied directly to your vehicle’s bare paint to create a plastic shell that will Paint Protection Film Pittsburghhelp maintain its color and shine and protect it from light scratches, stone chips, and other blemishes, such as those caused by harmful chemicals and the elements.

The practice of applying this type of “shield” has been used in the automobile industry for nearly five decades, and many industry experts consider it a wise choice. Practically speaking, however, it’s only a wise choice for you if it serves your needs and is done properly.

Is Paint Protection Right for Me?

Paint protection is most prevalently used to protect new vehicles or vehicles less than one year old, though it can also be used to protect used vehicles that have in-tact paintwork or have recently been repainted/detailed. In either case, we’ve found that people who choose paint protection usually choose it for the reasons below.

  • Protection. Paint protection doesn’t just protect your paintwork; it also protects the financial, and personal, an investment you made in your vehicle and can save you money down the line. Whether you’re buying a new or used vehicle, you’re putting your hard-earned money into it, and many people don’t mind spending a bit more to ensure it’s protected from the threats noted above. What’s more, spending money now to protect your vehicle will save you the cost of paying for paint repair or detailing should your paintwork incur damage at any later point.
  • Convenience. Your vehicle is exposed to corrosive elements every day, and build-up can damage its paintwork. Therefore, most auto experts recommend washing your vehicle once a week and having it waxed four times a year. But, let’s face it, that’s a pretty tall order, and some of us just can’t commit to it. Luckily, paint protection gives you some leeway in this regard and gives vehicle owners with busy schedules peace of mind that their car or truck will be protected even if they can’t give it the recommend regular care.
  • Location. Here in Pittsburgh, our winters are rough, and, per annum, we get a good deal of rain. We’ve also got a lot of tree-lined streets, and a lot of construction on our roads. All told, these things present numerous threats to your vehicle’s paintwork when driving or parked, and many Pittsburghers choose paint protection to give them security in conditions they cannot control.


How Do I Choose a Paint Protection Film Installer in Pittsburgh?

If you’ve decided paint protection is right for you, remember it’s only “right” if done properly. So, with this in mind, be mindful when selecting who does it.

First and foremost, do not attempt to do it yourself! Paint protection films contain harmful chemicals that require safety gear, and proper installation is tricky and best left to professionals—namely to experienced professionals.

Dealerships may not have access to professionals with the needed experience, and/or may use their own brands of paint protection that don’t measure up to industry standards. Therefore, when considering paint protection in Pittsburgh, it’s best to look elsewhere—and you need not look any further than here. [Insert link to https://www.threeriversautoglass.com/pittsburgh-paint-protection-services/ @ here]

Three Rivers Auto Glass has been serving the greater-Pittsburgh area for more than 40 years. We are highly experienced in paint protection film installation and use only the best products. Contact us to discuss your paint protection options and schedule service, so that your vehicle can be protected, and stay beautiful, for many years to come.

Denny Toth