How long will my recalibration take?

The length of your recalibration appointment will depend on your vehicle. On average, a static or dynamic recalibration can be completed within 45 minutes to and an hour in addition to the windshield replacement time. If you require both recalibrations, it may take an additional 1.5 hours to complete your appointment.

Do I need two different recalibrations?

Your vehicle manufacturer sets the requirements for recalibration, and what you need will depend on the type of technologies that are used in your vehicle’s safety system. Depending on what your manufacturer requires, you will either need a static recalibration, a dynamic recalibration, or both.

What types of recalibrations are there?

There are two types of recalibrations, static recalibration, and dynamic recalibration. A static recalibration is performed in a shop where the technician uses visual targets to set up precise distances that the camera will read. Dynamic calibration is performed on the road, requiring the vehicle to be driven on well-marked and well-signed roads. This allows the camera to read the elements of the roadway so the camera can be calibrated.

Why do I need to have an ADAS recalibration done?

Many newer vehicles have front-facing cameras mounted to the windshield to help assist the driver in avoiding collisions and injury. After a windshield replacement, many vehicle manufacturers require these camera systems to be recalibrated. This helps to ensure that the safety systems work correctly and provide the driver with accurate information.