How Far Can you Drive with a Crack in your Windshield?

Driving with a Crack in your Windshield

You walk out to your car one day, get in the driver’s seat, and notice that your windshield has developed a crack, seemingly overnight. If your windshield is now sporting a long crack, spider web, or other ding, you’re probably wondering if you have to get a replacement windshield right now.

Here are some suggestions for trips you may be taking the future, and how to determine when you should get your windshield fixed:

  • Going to work each day. If you have a long commute every day, you should be sure that you can drive safely. Look at the crack—is it longer than your driver’s license? If so, you should get the windshield replaced as soon as possible. You can schedule a windshield repair company to come right to your place of work and replace the glass right there–it usually only takes about an hour.
  • Driving for local errands: If you’re going to the grocery store or running the kids to a nearby sports practice, and the crack is small (maybe the size of the tip of your finger), then you should be fine. However, remember that it’s common for cracks to spread and that a long cracks can weaken the structure of your windshield. You’ll have to start thinking about windshield replacement soon!
  • Taking a long trip. If you are looking forward to a weekend trip or a full vacation in a place that is hours from your home, then you should not be driving until your windshield is replaced. There are several compelling safety reasons. You may not be able to see the road properly, especially at night and when rain or snow is falling. We find that the winter is an overall difficult time to see from your windshield, since many drivers are busy trying to remove dirty slush that’s kicked up from other vehicles. If you’re planning a trip and have a cracked windshield, just give a windshield repair company a call. They’ll replace it quickly and you can be on your way.

Three Rivers Auto Glass is happy to come to your home or work and replace a cracked windshield. It’s quick, we work with your insurance company, and you’ll be driving with a brand new windshield in less than two hours! Call us today.

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