What Type of Replacement Auto Glass Should You Buy?

What Type of Replacement Glass to Choose?

Although you may not realize it, the type of auto glass that’s in your car matters. The windshield not only serves as the way that you see where you’re driving (of course), it’s also very strong, reinforced glass that protects you from injury if you were in a car accident.

If your auto glass needs to be replaced because of a crack or chip that’s impeding safe driving, your windshield must be replaced. You may be wondering what kind of replacement glass will still be as strong as the windshield was when you first bought your car. Remember, the strength of your windshield is just as important as your seat belt or air bag if you are in an accident. That’s why auto glass repair is critical to your car’s safety.

Choosing Your Auto Glass

You may not realize that certain auto glass brands work best with certain cars, or that some companies can add features to your windshield.

  • Do you drive a lot during the day? If so, you may want glass that includes solar control glazing. Auto glass that has the Sungate® coating, for example, will provide protection from the sun’s UV rays by reflecting those infrared rays. Sungate also improves fuel efficiency, increases the comfort of the interior of your car on warm, sunny days, and is environmentally friendly. Pilkington also develops glazing systems for vehicle glass and is a popular OEM car glass parts maker.
  • What model vehicle do you drive? Mopar glass is often used in Chrysler vehicles, and Carlite is good for Ford and Lincoln cars and trucks.

Keep in mind that you should always be installing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) distributor auto glass. This ensures that the glass is the same type, thickness, shape, and durability as the original dealer-installed windshield. It’s safe, as technologically and materially advanced as original dealer glass, and is installed by a distributor that has contracted with your car manufacturer for proper installation.

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