The auto glass repair industry is a regulated industry, provided for by federal regulations and standards. Auto glass repair shops are to practice the strictest standards for the safety and protection of the consumers. At Three Rivers Auto Glass Repair, we want you to know more about auto glass repair here in the Pittsburgh area and beyond so that you can make an informed choice when the time comes for you to choose an auto glass repair shop.

First things first: your vehicle’s windshield is made to protect you, secured to the frame of the car via specially formulated auto glass adhesives. It is considered a safety device, made to keep you and your family in the vehicle in case of an accident and to help keep the vehicle structurally sound during the lifetime of the car. All repair work to your car is regulated by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; all facets of the vehicle are to be safe for all consumers involved.

Windshield Crack Repair

The law is in place to protect you. Your vehicle cannot be returned to you unless it meets rigorous safety regulations and with all safety devices fully operational- this includes the windshield! Your windshield must have enough “cure”, or time it takes to dry, before it can be returned to you. If your car has side-impact air bags, it may require a longer time for the adhesive to set or a faster acting adhesive; these vehicles need additional strength in their windshield repairs/windshields due to the safety implications of side-impact airbags.  This can be achieved through Safe Drive Away time, or the amount of time your car is out of service. Obviously, on one likes to wait for their vehicle, but safety must come first. Auto glass repair in Pittsburgh can be an efficient and reasonably fast procedure that is also in the end, safe.

Auto glass adhesive is the main ingredient to getting the job done right. There are many different types of adhesives that work with different levels of humidity and different levels of Safe Drive Away Time. The adhesive must be given a proper amount of time to cure for the windshield to be safe for the passengers. If you are in a rush, talk to the professionals about your options.

Three Rivers Auto Glass has been in business in Pittsburgh for over 40 years. We can answer all your installation and safety questions, and we can get your auto glass job done quickly, at our place or yours! Call us today to get started.

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