How Summer Heat Effects Your Windshield

Heat Effects in Your Windshield

When it comes to your windshield being bothered by temperature-related cracks and similar damage, it is not necessarily the temperature itself that leaders toward damage. The actual change in temperature is what initiates windshield problems, such as layer deterioration, cracks and splits. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we know how to get your vehicle’s interior cabin temperature just right, without worries about exterior temperatures.

The Truth from Hot to Cold

The truth is that the temperature, be it extremely hot or cold, is not what causes windshield impairment. It is rather either the quick change in temperature, or the competing of two different temperature extremes which cause issues. For instance, more likely than not if it is hot outside you are probably making good use of the air conditioning inside your vehicle. Similarly, if it is sub zero degrees outside of your vehicle, you are most likely blasting heat inside of your vehicle.

Heat on Your Windshield

These types of situations are where temperature competing negatively effects your vehicle’s windshield. Issues can include the breakdown of a windshield’s resin and internal safety layer in extreme heat. You can also run into problems with extreme cold, as it makes your windshield more susceptible to splits and cracks which can lead to an obstructed view and additional damage.

Handle the Heat & Consider the Cold

When windshields are exposed to temperature fluctuations and competitions, as described above, it is important to know how to adjust your temperature comforts within the cabin. In order to avoid issues, easy your vehicle’s heating or cooling unit into work. In example, do not attempt to take the interior temperature of your cabin from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees in a matter of seconds when it is extremely hot outside. Gradually decrease the temperature so that there is less of a shocking change in temperature.

Always Rely on Reputable Professionals Only

From windshield repair to windshield replacement and more, we have everything you need to find reliable windshield repair services and costs to meet both your budget and your vehicle’s particular issue. Contact us today by calling (412) 793–5400 for more information about professional windshield repair, care and safety. Be it windshield repair in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas, Three Rivers Auto Glass is here for you! Visit our website for additional contact information and services.

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