Reduce Road Glare for Safer Driving

Safe Driving

Any type of glare that is reflecting from your windshield, mirrors or similar surface is more hazardous than you may initially consider. The sun of summer, for instance, is a major culprit in producing glares onto vehicles on the road, and a blinding effect to their drivers. Yet, there are a few things you can do on your own to minimize your vehicle’s susceptibility to glares while on the road. You can also, of course, consult a professional such as the experts at Three Rivers Auto Glass!

Window Care, Inside & Out

The care of your windows, inside and out, is necessary for the upkeep and safety of your windshield. When you keep your windows clean all around, you decrease the chances of glares obstructing your view of the road. Being able to see clearly through all of the windows of your vehicle may seem obvious, but many drivers neglect this necessary maintenance. Cleaning your windows is not only about looking clean; it’s about being safe. A dirty windshield can make a minor glare a major problem.

Windshield Glare

Mirror Maintenance

It is also important to keep up with cleaning your vehicle’s mirrors. From the side view mirrors, to your vehicle’s rear view mirror, any smudges and other imperfections will increase your chances of encountering view-blocking glares from the road. The mirrors of your vehicle help you to see troublesome spots on the road. Yet when those mirrors excessively reflect the sun’s rays or bright lights, then your view of the road can become highly impaired quickly.

Check Your Wipers

All that exterior cleaning does very little if you do not also clean and maintain your wiper blades. When filthy wipers smear over a windshield rather than glide across it, the effectiveness of your vehicle’s wiper system is not at it’s best. Not only that, if your wiper blades are overly worn, they could potentially scrape into the glass itself, reducing visibility of the road even more.

Allow No Obstructive Glares into Your View; Call 3 Rivers Auto Glass Today!

Three Rivers Auto Glass has everything that your vehicle needs to be as glare-free as possible and ready for the road! From detailing services to windshield replacement and low price windshield repair, Three Rivers Auto Glass does it all! Set up an appointment to gain peace of mind and a safer vehicle by calling either (724) 385-8204 or (412) 793-5400 today. You can also visit one of our various locations in and around Pittsburgh.

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