Maintaining Your Windshield

Maintaining your automobile’s windshield is an important part of your vehicle’s overall safety and will provide for the safety of you and your passengers. Remember to contact an authorized auto glass dealer for your specific auto glass questions and needs. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we get great satisfaction working with our customers in the greater Pittsburgh area. Your safety is our number one priority. The maintenance of a vehicle windshield can be done easily and daily, and prevent possible future costs.

The strength and integrity of your windshield are its lifeline. If you notice a small crack, this can be fixed quickly and relatively inexpensively. If this crack or nick is not attended to, it can spread quickly, causing unsafe driving conditions, and leading to a windshield replacement, an added cost and burden on you. Your windshield is an important safety feature of your vehicle, providing stability to the frame of your vehicle and when it is compromised due to a large crack or cracks, your safety or someone else’s safety can be jeopardized.Windshield Safety

Since the greater Pittsburgh area experiences extreme seasons, it is important to discuss winter windshield care. Did you know that certain ice scrapers are not meant to be used on auto glass? Be certain that the scraper you are using is not going to scratch your vehicle’s glass; this is the quickest way to cause damage and lead to repairs on your vehicle’s windshield. And, while pouring warm water on a frozen windshield during those cold, early frosty mornings may seem like a quick and easy remedy to your frozen windshield problem, it may create a much bigger problem for you. This change in temperature may cause your windshield to crack. The same happens if you do the opposite: pouring ice-cold water on a hot windshield. These extreme temperature changes are too much for the glass to handle.

Sunlight, vehicle exhaust, and oxidation will erode windshield wiper blades eventually, and over time, your windshield itself, will develop ruts from debris, sand, and the dirt it encounters, also causing the breakdown of your wipers. Replace your wipers as soon as they lose effectiveness so that your field of vision is unaffected.

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