The Different Types of Autoglass

The Different Types of Auto Glass

When it comes to replacing your auto glass, it is not one size fits all. Your car’s windshield is different from your truck’s slider windows. The sunroof glass is different from the rear windshield. Let us explain to you the different technology, compositions, and features that go into creating the glass for these windows so that you, as the consumer, have a better understanding of what you need for your vehicle and what you will be paying for.

The front windshield is the granddaddy of the window glass. It is the safest piece of glass used in the vehicle. The International Standard is to use laminated glass, which is an extremely strong glass. This has improved the structural integrity of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers. The windshield holds the frame of the vehicle and prevents from buckling during a time of an accident and must be extremely strong. It is made of two layers of glass, sandwiching PVB resin, which are chemically and mechanically bonded together, creating the strong glass you know as your windshield. The windshield is then sealed to your vehicle frame to keep out the water, dirt, and wind.

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The rear windshield is made of tempered glass. This glass is created by either heat or chemical treatments. It will withstand blunt force but when it does shatter, it will be in a million little pieces, sometimes called safety glass for this reason. Also, the rear windshield has thermal electric lines, running across the pane, to help with ice and general defrosting.
Side glass, vent glass, and quarter glass are all made of the same tempered glass as the rear windshield. Side glass, when subjected to enough force, will explode outward, away from the passenger due to the pressure on the glass. There are occasions that the side glass is made with laminated glass, depending on the manufacturer. Years ago, before air conditioning, the vent glass and quarter glass were made to open to let air into the vehicle. That has since gone out of style in cars but in mini-vans, the quarter glass does still open, to let air into that last row of seats. Both types of glass panels are made of tempered glass to prevent injury to the passengers.
A slider is the rear panel on a pickup truck, sliding open for ventilation and proving a view through for the driver. These panels are made of tempered glass for driver and passenger safety. The slider most closely resembles a rear windshield.

A sunroof comes in numerous different types: fixed or sliding. Most notably, it is extremely inconvenient to have a broken sunroof, leaking water, letting in dust and dirt into your vehicle as you drive or have the vehicle parked somewhere.
Having any broken glass in your vehicle is dangerous and needs attention immediately. Contact us at Three Rivers Auto Glass for full service professionalism in the Pittsburgh area. We will come to you! We care about you and your vehicle. A little crack can turn into a huge problem overnight, so don’t wait!

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